Biolink – Research

The research projects implemented by BioLink are:

  • Intramural.  The research projects are devised and totally  funded by BioLink. All results are owned by BioLink.
  • Shared.  International research projects  with highly innovative potential in the development of novel biotechnologies devised by one or more Partners and led by BioLink  supported by Partners’ laboratories.  Research funding is jointly provided by participants , while results are owned by BioLink that is obliged to reinvest potential profits in joint  activities, unless otherwise agreed for specific projects.
  • Commissioned.  Projects commissioned by industries or other third parties and, as such, totally funded by them. Results are totally owned by the commissioning body, while BioLink can freely use the experience accumulated, unless otherwise agreed on the contract.

Each project is under the responsibility of  a Project Leader  selected among the BioLink or Partners scientists.


The BioLink research projects are implemented in the proprietary facility or in the Partners’ laboratory cluster identified for each specific project.