The BioLink Institute is an International research center of the Link Campus University, a state-acknowledged private University based in Rome.

The Institute is aimed at creating an international context in which innovative biotech research and products can be generated, while elaborating novel ideas about regulations, industry and market.

  • BioLink develops advanced biotech solutions enhancing the competitiveness and leadership of research systems by investing in intangible and qualitative factors at low rate of imitation;
  • In this context, BioLink pays a special, but not exclusive, attention to the emerging multifaceted area of  TISSUE ENGINEERING and its ancillary disciplines;
  • At the same time, BioLink supports biotech industries to achieve the highest level of STANDARDIZATION of materials and procedures in the fabrication of  human body tissues;
  • BioLink supports decision-making processes in public and private Institutions interested to biotechnology elaborating innovative market and regulation analyses and concepts;
  • BioLink connects producers of knowledge and enterprises on common platforms and interfaces on strategic sectors. De facto, BioLink is an INTEGRATOR OF KNOWLEDGE;
  • BioLink contributes  to develop the society of knowledge by disseminating the accumulated scientific and entrepreneurial knowledge by means of high quality educational programs.

Il Centro di Ricerca Biolink è diretto dal dr. Paolo di Nardo.

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