Linee Strategiche – 01/08/2013

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– Geopolitics Reborn – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– Rompicapo mediorientale per Obama (AffarInternazionali),

– Perché la Cia studia i cambiamenti climatici (Meridiani),

– How Organized Crime and UN Peace Operations Came to Converge In Fragile States (The Global Observatory),

– Fully Operational ? The Ongoing Challenges of Terrorist Risk Reduction Programs (e-International Relations),

– Interview – Tariq Ramadan (e-International Relations),

– UE e USA alla ricerca della stabilità in Medio Oriente (ISPI),

– Banking and Insurance in the GCC Countries: Is there Regulatory Convergence with the EU ? (Istituto Affari Internazionali),

– A World Run on Algorithms ? (Atlantic Council),

– Mutually Assured Stability: Establishing US-Russia Security Relations for a New Century (Atlantic Council),

– End of the line for the BRICs ? (Aspenia online),

– Russia: il BRIC anomalo (Aspenia online),

– Obama’s «Asia Pivot»: The Himalayan Angle (Strategic Culture Foundation),

– Kuwait Elections: Will The National Assembly Last Full Term This Time ? – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– Is Informationalization Good For The Middle East ? – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– Kuwait: Cautious Grounds for Optimism (Chatham House),

– Iran: How a Third Tier Cyber Power Can Still Threaten the United States (Atlantic Council),

– Can Iran’s Rowhani Bring Change ? (Council on Foreign Relations),


– Karakoram Highway: China’s Treacherous Pakistan Corridor (The Diplomat),

– Thailand’s Little-Known Peace Process (The Diplomat),

– Giappone, Abenomics alla prova (AffarInternazionali),


– African Growth and Opportunity Act: An Empirical Analysis of the Possibilities Post-2015 (Brookings),


– Matthei e Bachelet, due amiche di famiglia per la presidenza del Cile (Limes online),

– Brasile e Messico: strategie economiche a confronto (Aspenia online),


– The European Union’s Crisis Management After Lisbon: Addressing New Security Challenges in the 21st Century (Istituto Affari Internazionali),

– The Europe We Would Like to Inherit: Toward a Visionary New Pragmatism (Atlantic Council),

– Traiettoria dell’euroscetticismo: l’identità dell’UE al banco di prova (Aspenia online),

– L’onda euroscettica sotto i colpi della crisi: dalla periferia al nucleo (Aspenia online),

– The Mouse Lies down with the Elephant (Strategic Culture Foundation),
– The «Snowden Effect» and the Problem of «Moles» in U.S. Intelligence (Strategic Culture Foundation),

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