Linee Strategiche – 02/06/2013

– China’s Flawed Balance-of-Payments Position (Project-Syndicate).
– “Senseless, irrational, reactionary and extremist behaviour” in Myanmar (International Crisis Group).
– Pakistan’s General Election: Continuity or Change ? (Chatham House).
– China-Korea Relations: Seeking Alignment on North Korean Policy (Council on Foreign Relations).
– Why MERS Virus is So Scary (Council on Foreign Relations).
– A Coast Guard for the Emerging Arctic (Council on Foreign Relations).
– The Presidential Inbox: Latin America (Council on Foreign Relations).
– Bullish Energy Headlines Should Be Taken With Grain of Salt (Council on Foreign Relations).
– Lord’s Resistance Army and Elephant Poaching (Council on Foreign Relations).
– You Might Have Missed: Drone Transparency, Cyber Warfare, and Syria (Council on Foreign Relations).
– Weekend Reading: Israeli Identity, Sheikh of The Sinai, and Turkey’s Tumult (Council on Foreign Relations).
– Friday Asia Update: Top Five Stories for the Week of May 31, 2013 (Council on Foreign Relations).
– La politica industriale che manca all’Italia (AffarInternazionali).
– I piccoli passi di Letta in Europa (AffarInternazionali).
– How Will the OAS Report Affect the Drug-Policy Debate ? (Brookings).
– Iran Press Report: The Role of the Economy in the Election (Brookings).
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