Linee Strategiche – 02/08/2013

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– A nationalist party in Great Britain: misunderstanding the UKIP surge (Aspenia online),

– Bulgarian And Romanian Migration: “An Imaginary Fear” – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– Can The EU Rescue Democracy In Hungary ? – Analysis (Eurasia review) ,

– Why Syria is the moment of truth for Obama’s foreign policy (Aspenia online),

– Tra Iran e Siria, gli interessi contrastanti di Obama (Aspenia online),

– L’impatto economico dello spionaggio informatico secondo McAfee (Meridiani),

– Toward Universal Learning: A Global Framework for Measuring Learning (Brookings),

– Russia and Turkey, Putin and Erdogan: One and the Same ? (Brookings) ,

– L’energia è preda dell’Egitto e della speculazione (Limes online),

– Talisman Saber and America’s Pacific Pivot. An ongoing exercise is part of growing military cooperation between Australia and the U.S. (The Diplomat),

– Data Privacy: When Angela Merkel Leads From Behind (The Globalist),

– China and the Catholic Church (The Globalist),

– Game Changers for Growth (Project-Syndicate),

– Protectionist Shadows over Solar Power (Project-Syndicate),

– The War on Corruption or the Building of a Pax Americana ? (II) (Valentin Katasonov),


– Burma: In Search Of A Regional Rohingya Solution – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– China’s Housing: Living in a Bubble (The Diplomat),

– Cambodia’s Eerie Silence (The Diplomat),

– Negotiating with the Taliban: Pakistan’s Dangerous Dilemma (International Relations and Security Network),

– Reforming the Chinese Pension System (Brookings),

– China’s New Inflation Constraint (Project-Syndicate),

– Japan in Action (Project-Syndicate),

– Hamas Goes Back to the Drawing Board (Strategic Culture Foundation),



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