Linee Strategiche – 02/09/2013

a cura di Marco Emanuele (twitter: @lstrategiche)


Segui il nostro blog di riflessioni sulla complessità, Complessi si nasce,

Alcune segnalazioni dal sito


– Pakistan’s Energy Crisis (The Diplomat),

– More Megaprojects? What China’s Rebalancing Means for Asia (The Diplomat),

– Nawaz Sharif’s Baggage: Impediments to Change (The Diplomat),

– The Second Coming of Zhu Rongji? (Project-Syndicate),


– Nicaragua’s Canal Push And Concerns For The US – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– Se Al-Jazeera sbarca nella Grande Mela (AffarInternazionali),

– National Instruments on Internal Displacement: A Guide to their Development (Brookings),

– Turkey and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Boosting the Model Partnership with the United States (Brookings),

– The Asian-North Atlantic Race for Greenland (International Relations and Security Network),


– The Mexican Media Blackout: Peña Nieto’s War On Bad Press – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– Finally The Right To Vote For All Chilean Citizens? – Analysis (Eurasia review),


– La Russia ha bisogno di un’identità nazionale (Limes online),

– La Russia deve diventare un paese per le persone (Limes online),

– Can Navalny Save Russia? (Project-Syndicate),–khrushcheva


– Escaping Nigeria’s Cycle of Violence (International Relations and Security Network),

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