Linee Strategiche – 03-04/06/2013

–  Governing China: Accountability vs Responsibility (The Globalist).
– Finish-Caucasian Emirate (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– BRICS: Prospects for Cooperation (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– The Globalist on U.S.-China Relations (The Globalist).
– Is North American Democracy in Danger of Decline ? (The German Marshall Fund of the United States).

– Russia’s Middle East Gambit (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace).

– The End of an Era in EU-Russia Relations (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace).

– Growing the Eurasian Customs Union Within the WTO (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace).

– What does the U.S. expect from the international conference on Syria ? (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace).

– How Beijing Can Reassure Its Neighbors in the South China Sea (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

– Don’t Let Them Fool You, We Still Have Debt Problems (Brookings).

– The National Security Strategy Third Review (Chatham House).

– After the Gold Rush (Project-Syndicate).

– Energy security: one of Asia’s top priorities (Equilibri).

– OECD Week 2013 (Asian Century Institute).

– Small business finance in Asia (Asian Century Institute).

– How Not to Do Business in China (Asian Century Institute).

– China’s inward and outward investment policies (Asian Century Institute).

– OECD calls for a new deal (Asian Century Institute).

– Global value chains at OECD Week 2013 (Asian Century Institute).

– Give growth a chance — OECD Week 2013 (Asian Century Institute).

– Enterprising state at OECD Week 2013 (Asian Century Institute).

– Asia-Pacific comes to Canada (Asian Century Institute).

– Otto candidati per rafforzare la Guida suprema (Aspenia online).

– Turchia, il Gezi Park di Istanbul è soltanto un pretesto (Limes online).

– East Asia’s Lessons for Africa (Project-Syndicate).–stiglitz

– Tunisia’s Democratic Future: An Address by Rached Ghannouchi (Brookings).

– Sei nuovi Mig-29 per la Serbia (Analisi Difesa).

– Appf: i paramilitari di Karzai (Analisi Difesa).

– Africom guida i raids dei droni dalla Germania (Analisi Difesa).

– Se l’F-35 diventa “di pace” (Analisi Difesa).

– The Search for Belonging and Ballistic Missile Defense in Romania (Stratfor)

in collaborazione con Link Campus University e con London Academy of Diplomacy (University of East Anglia)



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