Linee Strategiche – 03/09/2013

a cura di Marco Emanuele (twitter: @lstrategiche)


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Alcune segnalazioni dal sito Linee strategiche,

–  Think Tank 20: The G-20 and Central Banks in the New World of Unconventional Monetary Policy (Brookings),

– America Must Stick to a Course on Syria (Council on Foreign Relations),

– Are Emerging Markets Submerging? (Project-Syndicate),

– Emerging Economies’ Misinsurance Problem (Project-Syndicate),

– Siria, interventismi a confronto (AffarInternazionali),

– Siria: tra escalation e intervento limitato (Aspenia on line),

– Il nodo del Sinai: un problema egiziano e regionale (Aspenia online),

– Calling Off America’s Bombs (Project-Syndicate),–sachs

– The Changing Mood on Migration (Project-Syndicate),

– The Price of Peace (Project-Syndicate),


– India’s Economy: Time to Revisit 1991 (The Diplomat),


– Con Al Shabaab in ritirata, la Somalia fa i conti col Kenya (Limes online),

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