Linee strategiche – 03/09/2014

by Marco Emanuele with Link Campus University,
Some news from Linee strategiche (a narrative of global complexity),

– Il Libano e la minaccia jihadista nel Levante arabo: un contagio inevitabile (Marina Calculli, Aspenia online),

– La Giordania e la minaccia dello Stato Islamico: una linea rossa regionale (Giuseppe Dentice, Aspenia online),

– The Iraqi time bomb in the global oil market (Roberto Iannuzzi, Aspenia online),

– Il cliché di un Iraq artificiale e diviso (Lorenzo Kamel, Aspenia online),

– A grand strategy toward Russia and Ukraine: the German lead needs the EU’s support (Jacopo Maria Pepe, Aspenia online),

 Winter is coming – will spring follow? Ukraine and the future of EU-Russia relations (Sven Biscop, Aspenia online),

– I conti ignorati dell’elezione di Lady Pesc (Giuseppe Cucchi, Limes online),

– Grande Australia o austrocentrismo? Due visioni sul futuro di Canberra (Gabriele Abbondanza, Limes online),

– Sri Lanka And China: Towards Innovation Driven Economies (Asanga Abeyagoonasekera, Eurasia review – IPCS),

– Japan’s White Paper On Defence: An Overview (Naval Jagota, Eurasia review – IDSA),

– Indonesia’s New President: Coming Crunch-Test For Joko Widodo (Yang Razali Kassim, Eurasia review – RSIS),

– What Will Power Shift Bring To Turkish Politics And To Turkey-Russia Relations? (Hasan S. Özertem, Habibe Özdal, Eurasia review – JTW),

– The tactical nuclear cudgel is a double-edged sword (Arkady Dziuba, Strategic Culture Foundation),

– Western Doublethink on Blind Path to War (Finian Cunningham, Strategic Culture Foundation),

– Food Security and Solomon Islands (Dana MacLean, The Diplomat),

– Modi, Japan and Diplomatic Balancing (Nitin A. Gokhale, The Diplomat),

– Private Universities in Japan: A Race to the Bottom? (Rong Zhang, Dennis McCornac, The Diplomat),

– Australia May Buy ‘Off-The-Shelf’ Japanese Subs (Clint Richards, The Diplomat),

– Is China A Lonely Diva? (Vasilis Trigkas, The Diplomat),

– Putin’s Chilling Kazakhstan Comments (Casey MIchel, The Diplomat),

– Koreans Alarmed by Rising Crime in the Philippines (Mong Palatino, The Diplomat),

– Pyongyang’s Abductee Report Still Not Ready (Clint Richards, The Diplomat),

– Nawaz Sharif Chairs Emergency Parliament Session as Crisis Worsens (Ankit Panda, The Diplomat),

Eastern Ukraine: The Neverending Crisis (Nicolai N. Petro, The National Interest),

– Stop China’s Unlawful “Great Wall” in the South China Sea (Raul Pedrozo, The National Interest),

– Explaining the P-8 Incident: Are Chinese Pilots Going “Rogue”? (Minxin Pei, The National Interest),

The UAE and Egypt’s New Frontier in Libya (Ellen Laipson, The National Interest),

– The Unneeded War Over the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank (Stan Veuger, The National Interest),

– A Really Bad Bargain: A U.S.-Iranian “Strategic Relationship” (Kim R. Holmes, The National Interest),

– The F-35: Savior of U.S. Airpower or Albatross of the Asia-Pacific? (Adam Lowther, Chris Wrenn, The National Interest),

– The Islamic State: Affecting Shia-Sunni Relations In India? (Saneya Arif, Eurasia review – IPCS),

– Islamic State: Ideological Challenge To Saudi Arabia (James M. Dorsey, Eurasia review),

– Geopolitics After The Global Financial Crisis (Jonathan Kirshner, Eurasia review – ISN Security Watch),

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