Linee Strategiche – 05/06/2013

– Pivoting to the West of Malacca (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– Finland: A Bit More About Terrorist Haven (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– Relax! China Isn’t Taking Over the World (Yet) (The Globalist).
– Più Italia nella politica energetica europea (AffarInternazionali).
– Anchoring the Arab Awakening (Project-Syndicate).

– Un’economia da anni Trenta (del Novecento) (Limes online).

– Gli Usa tornano in America Latina (Limes online).

– Iran, 8 candidati per dimenticare Ahmadi-Nejad (Limes online).

– Turchia, democrazia alla prova più dura (Aspenia online).

– Lo Yemen e gli obiettivi regionali degli USA (Aspenia online).

– How Democratic Is Turkey ? (Council on Foreign Relations).

– Protests in Turkey Must Not Overshadow Progress With Kurd Militants (Council on Foreign Relations).

– The Battle for Affordable Drugs (Council on Foreign Relations)

– Can Obama, Xi Break Summit Stalemate ? (Council on Foreign Relations) .

– The Shangri-La Dialogue: A Wrap-up (Council on Foreign Relations).

– Mugabe Publicly Criticizes Mandela for Being Soft on Whites (Council on Foreign Relations).

– U.S.-China Relations: The Obama-Xi California Summit (Brookings).

– Tehran and Washington: Unlikely Allies In An Unstable Iraq (Brookings).

– A Conversation on President Obama’s Meeting with President Xi Jinping of China (Brookings).
– Top Five Issues President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping Should Discuss (Brookings).
– Time to Start Experimenting with Macroprudential Regulatory Policy (Brookings).
– Cost Convergence with China: An Energizer for U.S. Manufacturing ? (Brookings).
– Obama’s Covert Trade Deal (The Globalist).
– Kudankulam sees green light, some problems remain unsolved (Strategic Culture Foundation).
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