Linee Strategiche – 06/08/2013

A cura di Marco Emanuele (twitter: @lstrategiche)

Segui il nostro blog di riflessioni sulla complessità, Complessi si nasce,

Alcune segnalazioni dal sito

–  Refugees In The MENA Region: What Geopolitical Consequences? – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– The Failed State Index: Revisiting The White Man’s Burden – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– US And Pakistan After Kerry’s Visit: Strategic Dialogue, Afghan Exit And A Nuclear Deal – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– Explaining Kazakhstan’s Mediation Mission (International Relations and Security Network),

– The Future of Geospatial Technologies in Securing Cyberspace (e-International Relations),

– Have International Financial Institutions Improved ? (e-International Relations),

– How to Build Democracy in Post-Conflict Countries (e-International Relations),

– Inizia l’era Rohani: il reset Usa-Iran è possibile (Limes online),

– Political Islam’s Loss of Democratic Legitimacy (Project-Syndicate),

– Implications of Turkish-Azerbaijani Relations for Regional Security and Development (Istituto Affari Internazionali),

– New Report on Nuclear Disarmament (EastWest Institute),


– Xinjiang: Reassessing the Recent Violence (The Diplomat),

– Singapore’s Maids: No Respite ? (The Diplomat),

– Pakistan Post Election (Strategic Culture Foundation),

– Strategic Triangle (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace),


– After the Boom: Risks to the Turkish Economy (Chatham House),


– Indignados atto 2 (AffarInternazionali),


– Post-election Libya: Stuck in Transition (Istituto Affari Internazionali),


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