Linee Strategiche – 06/09/2013

a cura di Marco Emanuele (twitter: @lstrategiche)

Segui il nostro blog di riflessioni sulla complessità, Complessi si nasce,
Alcune segnalazioni dal sito Linee strategiche,
– China’s Challenge to the United States (Brookings – The Ripon Forum),

– What Should The US Do On Syria? – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– Europe’s Asian Pivot (Project-Syndicate),

– Americans Unconvinced Intervention in Syria is Right Thing to Do (Strategic Culture Foundation),
– Iran Will Stand Up for Syria With All its Might (Strategic Culture Foundation),

– Tony Abbott Poised to Become Australia’s PM (The Diplomat),


– Indian Airpower Afloat – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– Why the West Should Relax About China (The Diplomat),


– Not Looking for Work: Why Labor Force Participation Has Fallen During the Recession (Heritage Foundation),


– Merkel’s Unfinished Business: Why Germany Needs to Act Strategically (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace),


– West Africa: Bright Future? (International Relations and Security Network) ,

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