Linee Strategiche – 07/01/2014

Linee strategiche ( Some news: 

– Three Myths about Industry in Africa (Christina Golubski, John Page, Brookings),

– New Partners in Africa: How Can African Countries Even the Playing Field? (Christina Golubski, Brookings),

– Japan’s Coming “Wage Surprise” (Shinzo Abe, Project-Syndicate),–pay

– What could happen in China in 2014? (Gordon Orr, McKinsey),

– Blue Means Blue: China’s Naval Ambitions (Henry Holst, The Diplomat),

– China’s Burgeoning Graduates—Too Much of a Good Thing? (Yukon Huang, The National Interest),

– Lo shale gas e la lunga marcia verso l’indipendenza energetica della Cina (Angelo Richiello, Limes online),

– The Business of Korean Reconciliation (Paola Subacchi, Project-Syndicate),

– Burma: Battle Lines Drawn In Fight For Democracy (Zin Linn, Eurasia review),

– NAFTA and the Future of Canada, Mexico and the United States (Marc Lanthemann, Stratfor),

– Nessun copione per sicurezza e difesa comunitaria (Federico Santopinto, AffarInternazionali),

– Global Economics Monthly: January 2014 (Council on Foreign Relations),

– The Global Economy in 2014 (Klaus Schwab, Project-Syndicate),

– Tinker, Tailor, Leaker, Spy: The Future Costs of Mass Leaks (David V. Gioe, The National Interest),

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