Linee Strategiche – 07/06/2013

– Analysis Shows New Draft Constitution of Tunisia Still Falls Short On Human Rights (Amnesty International).
– Pakistan’s new leaders must not allow Taleban peace deal to trump human rights (Amnesty International).
– The rise of Shia jihadism in Syria will fuel sectarian fires (The National).
– Report: NSA sought all U.S. Verizon call records (Politico).
– UE-Russia, 123 miliardi di motivi per non farsi la guerra (You Trend).
– Europa delle banche o unione politica ? (AffarInternazionali).
– Braccio di ferro sul disarmo in Medioriente (AffarInternazionali).
– Ue ed energia: Bruxelles, abbiamo un problema (Limes online).
– Whither Afghan-Pak Relations? (II) (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– Behind-the-Scenes Games with Gold: In anticipation of the Great Turn (I) (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– Why China Does Not See Itself As a Model (The Globalist).
– Le due concezioni democratiche che si scontrano in Turchia (Aspenia online).
– Turkey’s domestic battle lines: beyond Islam, “majoritarian democracy” (Aspenia online).

– Defending an Open, Global, Secure, and Resilient Internet (Council on Foreign Relations).

– Fiscal Malaise (Council on Foreign Relations).

– Polio is Back in the Horn of Africa (Council on Foreign Relations).

– Obama, Xi, and Cyberspace (Council on Foreign Relations).

– Global Development 2.0: Assessing a New UN Roadmap (Council on Foreign Relations).

– Hello, Susan Rice: National Security Adviser (Council on Foreign Relations).

– U.S.-Pakistan Relationship and the Future of Afghanistan (Brookings).

– The Postsecondary Education Conundrum (Brookings).

– MS-13 and Barrio 18 Truce: Can This Be Successfully Replicated in Honduras and Guatemala ? (Brookings)

– U.S. Embassy Pakistan: First to Pass One Million Fans on Facebook (Brookings).

– Strengthen U.S. Civilian Authority (Brookings).

– A Study on the External Environment of Chinese Investments in the United States (Brookings).

– Il paradosso marocchino (AffarInternazionali).

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