Linee Strategiche – 08/06/2013

– Behind-the-scenes games with gold: in anticipation of the great turn (II) (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– U.S.-China: The Difficulty of Becoming Number Two (The Globalist)
– Le boomtown della nuova industria energetica (Aspenia online).
– L’oleodotto Keystone XL e i rapporti di Obama con la galassia “verde” (Aspenia online).
– A new urban landscape in the US (Aspenia online).
– China’s Stealth Wars (Project-Syndicate).

– L’incerto destino dell’Iran (AffarInternazionali).

– Erdogan, la primavera della Turchia e l’ironia della storia (Limes online).

– Poco e lentamente, ma la Somalia sta meglio (Limes online).

– Via Donilon, l’ultimo pescatore di trote di Obama (Limes online).

– Siria, le lezioni di Qusayr (Limes online).

– Malgrado la tragedia, il Bangladesh non può rinunciare al tessile (Limes online).

– China’s New Backyard (Foreign Policy).

– Leadership, commitment keys to winning battle against  undernutrition, UN agency says (UN News Centre).

– Marzabotto, Siria (Popoli).

– Bangladesh pressed on factory safety (Guardian).

– What Next for U.S. Drone Policy ? (Amnesty International).
– New Report Reveals Civilians Tortured, Disappeared, and Killed by Security Forces in Mali in Months After French Intervention (Amnesty International).
Haiti’s problems can’t be addressed without greater co-operation and trust (Guardian).
– Syria: 8 things you need to know about the Syrian humanitarian crisis (OCHA United Nations).
– Global Resilience, Sustainable Recovery Are IMF Work Priorities (IMF).
– The Global Economic Outlook: A Conversation with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde (Brookings).
– Iran: Presidential Race Close to Finish Line (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– Hydropolitics Propel Balkanization (Strategic Culture Foundation).
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