Linee Strategiche – 08/09/2013

a cura di Marco Emanuele (twitter: @lstrategiche)

Segui il nostro blog di riflessioni sulla complessità, Complessi si nasce,
Alcune segnalazioni dal sito Linee strategiche,
–  Putin’s Finest Hour on the World Stage (Strategic Culture Foundation),
– Chemical Weapons in Syria: Hullabaloo Raised as Element of Information Warfare (Strategic Culture Foundation),
– Transatlantic triage? European and UK ‘grand strategy’ after the US rebalance to Asia (Chatham House),
– Aircraft Carriers or Not? Flattops in the Pacific (The Diplomat),
– Egypt: Out Of Focus And In Critical State – Analysis (Eurasia review),
– The North Caucasus: The Challenges of Integration (III), Governance, Elections, Rule of Law (International Crisis Group),
– Bo Xilai: Rise and Fall (Chatham House),
– Pakistan Looks For A National Policy To Fight Terror – Analysis (Eurasia review),
– A Salutation To Arms: Asia’s Military Buildup, Its Reasons And Its Implications – Analysis (Eurasia review),
In collaborazione con Link Campus University e con London Academy of Diplomacy (University of East Anglia)

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