Linee Strategiche – 10/07/2013

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(Italia) Attacco alla Difesa (AffarInternazionali),

– La Ttip tra Usa e Ue: un’opportunità per tutti (Limes online),

China’s Great Rebalancing Act (The Diplomat),

– The Mad Monks of Myanmar (The Diplomat),

Taiwan’s “All-Volunteer” Military: Vision or Nightmare ? (The Diplomat),

– Can China Protect Its Citizens Abroad ? (The Diplomat),

Is Private Banking in China Still a Pipe Dream ? (The Diplomat),

– Does China Even Want To Be a Great Power ? (The Diplomat),

Indonesian Foreign Policy (Council on Foreign Relations),

– Japan’s Upper House Election (Council on Foreign Relations),

Greece and the Troika: Summer Break (Council on Foreign Relations),

– Political Ferment in South Africa (Council on Foreign Relations),

Sectarian Violence Triggers Sunni-Alawi Segregation in Syria (International Relations and Security Network),

– Obama and Nuclear Weapons: Calls for Bold Action (International Relations and Security Network),

Commentary on the UN Guidance for Effective Mediation (International Relations and Security Network),

– Understanding Regional Integration in the GCC (e-International Relations),

Life through a PRISM: Data Mining, Processing Capacity and Intelligence Gathering (e-International Relations),

– Latin America and the Re-Centering of Global Power (e-International Relations),

Colombia’s Peace Process: Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (e-International Relations),

– The European Union and the Arab Spring: Business as Usual in Unusual Times ? (e-International Relations),

Iran’s Moderate Moment: The Leader Just Let It Go (e-International Relations),

– Territorial Disputes in Asia Show Sovereignty Still Matters (Global Observatory),

Africa Driven by Africans (Global Observatory),

– Is the U.S. a Threat to Eurasian Integration ?  (Strategic Culture Foundation),
The Volynia Tragedy: Why It Is «Hard to Believe the Poles..» (I) (Strategic Culture Foundation), 
– Neither Coup nor Revolution: Egypt’s US-Backed Deep State Reasserts Control (Strategic Culture Foundation),
Elections Do Not Make Democracy (The Globalist),

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