Linee Strategiche – 12/10/2013

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segui il sito Linee strategiche, in costante aggiornamento: Alcune segnalazioni:

–  US: Debts and Back Up (Valentin Katasonov, Strategic Culture Foundation),
– Washington’s inherent gridlock, a conversation with Bill Schneider (Jessica Carter, Aspenia online),
– The Jordanian Front of the Syrian War (Dmitry Minin, Strategic Culture Foundation),
– Palestine: towards a new national strategy? (Alexander Kouttab, European Council on Foreign Relations),
– Palestinian Political Dynamics in the Aftermath of the Egyptian Coup (Khaled Elgindy, Brookings),
– U.S.-Iran Détente Would Be Welcome News For Turkey (Kemal Kirişci, Emirhan Yorulmazlar, Brookings),
–  China: Urbanization and Hukou Reform (John Marshall, The Diplomat),
– Inclusive Peacebuilding In Nepal: Challenges And Opportunities (Prakash Bhattarai, Eurasia review),
Linee strategiche è analisi. Il mondo visto da Massimo Amorosi
– Il riavvicinamento fra Teheran e Washington scuote la regione (7 ottobre 2013)