Linee Strategiche – 13/06/2013


–  Election 2013: Expectations of the Iranian People (The Globalist).

–  Bank Deposits Confiscation: Global Outlook (Strategic Culture Foundation).
Syria’s Conflict Spills Over to Involve Other Actors (Strategic Culture Foundation).

Prism, il grande fratello che spia gli Usa (Limes online).

L’immobilismo di Obama in Egitto è un mito da sfatare (Limes online).

– Il rapporto obbligato più importante al mondo (Aspenia online).

The Nuclear Suppliers Group at the Crossroads (The Diplomat).

–  Saving the Buddhas of Mes Aynak (The Diplomat).

Xi Jinping’s Chinese Youth Dilemma (The Diplomat).

– India’s Strategic Failure in Central Asia (The Diplomat).

– China’s Tough Policy Choices (The Diplomat).

– In China, All Climate Politics Are Local (The Diplomat).

India Eyes Iraqi Oil (The Diplomat).

– China Makes A Play For Arctic Oil (The Diplomat).

Abenomics Threatens Japan’s F-35s ? (The Globalist).

– Western Defense Companies Face Grim Future (The Diplomat).

Domestic Dynamics in the Gulf Monarchies after the Arab Spring (ISPI).
– Baghdad’s delight, Riyadh’s sorrow: Why Iraq’s rising oil production is causing unease in Saudi Arabia (ISPI).
A Quest for Political Stability or Regional Prestige? Explaining the Gulf Monarchies’ Role in Arab Countries in Transition (ISPI).
– Turkey-GCC Relations in a Transforming Middle East (ISPI).
Asia-GCC Relations: Growing Interdependence (ISPI).
– Beware the NSA: Human vs Machine Intelligence (The Globalist).
The National Security Agency: A Global Superpower (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– World Energy: From the «Shale Revolution» to Healthy Pragmatism? (I) (Strategic Culture Foundation).
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