Linee Strategiche – 13/06/2013

A new type of US – China relationship (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– Whither Afghan-Pak Relations (III) (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– Obama’s Cardinal Sin (The Globalist).
– U.S. Housing Recovery: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (The Globalist).
– Il problema in Turchia non è l’islamismo, è l’egemonia (Limes online).
– Final analysis report: Bihar, Bosnia, Cyprus, Georgia, Kashmir and Northeast India (Istituto Affari Internazionali).
– Can a Solar Tariff Spark a Trade War (Foreign Policy Association).
– Strategic Stability in Cyberspace (Foreign Policy Association).
– As Election Approaches, Cambodia’s Parties Offer Little Hope (Foreign Policy Association).
– Obama-Xi: Staying Engaged (Foreign Policy Association).
– Why Obama’s visit is important for South Africa (Foreign Policy Association).
– Of Human Rights and Robots (Foreign Policy Association).
– The Dilemma of the Snowden’s leak (Foreign Policy Association).
– Issue Guide: Iran’s Presidential Elections (Council on Foreign Relations).
– How to Read Iran’s Elections (Council on Foreign Relations).
– The Future of Internet Governance: 90 Places to Start (Council on Foreign Relations).
– The Obama-Xi Summit And Renewed Inter-Korean Dialogue (Council on Foreign Relations).
– Mapping Mogadishu and the Problem of Warlord Politicians (Council on Foreign Relations).
– Understanding the New Frontier: Internet Governance Trade-Offs (Council on Foreign Relations).
– Leaks Expose US Hypocrisy on China’s Cyber Activities (Chatham House – The Diplomat).
– Prism: Between Security and Civil Liberties (Chatham House).
– India: Battle Lines Drawn as Election Approaches (Chatham House).
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