Linee Strategiche – 13/07/2013

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– On the Possibility of a Change in Turkey’s Policy on the «Syrian Issue» (Strategic Culture Foundation),

– Il pericoloso tango di Cristina Kirchner (AffarInternazionali),
– North Korea’s Powerful Weakness (Project-Syndicate),–nye

– Egypt: the return of the generals and the future of transition (openDemocracy),

– Summer fun Hamas-style (openDemocracy),

– Middle East Matters This Week: Upheaval in Egypt and Syria (Council on Foreign Relations),

– Egypt in Flux: Don’t Forget the Muslim Brotherhood (Brookings),

– Shaping America’s Future Military (International Relations and Security Network),

– Chad, Once Forgotten by the UN, is Back, Front and Center (International  Relations and Security Network),

– Fishing Wars: Competition for South China Sea’s Fishery Resources (International Relations and Security Network),

– Democracy Promotion’s Mixed Track Record (International Relations and Security Network),

– A new solution that brings new problems for Somalia’s Jubaland (Institute for Security Studies),

– Can a Divided Egypt Build an Egypt for All ? (Global Observatory),

– Fragile Cities Rising (Global Observatory),

– Peacebuilding Isn’t Always a Force for Good: Interview with Devon Curtis (Global Observatory),

– La battaglia della Catalogna (AffarInternazionali),

– La Cina, Weibo e la censura a corrente alternata (Limes online),

– È iniziata la battaglia sulla riforma dell’immigrazione Usa (Limes online),

– Protectionism: To Worry or Not to Worry ? (Peterson Institute for International Economics),{feed}&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+%24{RealTime}+%28%24{RealTime}%29

– Twenty-first Century Trade Integration in Eight Figures (Peterson Institute for International Economics),{feed}&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+%24{RealTime}+%28%24{RealTime}%29

– Developing a fine-grained look at how digital consumers behave (McKinsey),

– Bhutan: An exile’s view of the parliamentary elections (Global Post),

– GlobalPost Interview: US policy in Syria is flawed, says ex-rebel premier (Global Post),

– Arabia Saudita, scoperta base missilistica segreta (Meridiani),

– Illegal Logging: Are We Making Progress ? (Chatham House),

– What Japan and South Korea Could Learn from Europe (The Diplomat),
– India Tries to Manage China Border Challenges (The Diplomat),
– The Indian Foreign Service: Worthy of an Emerging Power ? (The Diplomat),
– The Pursuit of Edward Snowden (Strategic Culture Foundation),
– Edward Snowden Has Not Yet Had the Last Word (Strategic Culture Foundation),
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