Linee Strategiche – 15/06/2013


–  Se il Parlamento blocca gli F35 (AffarInternazionali).

– L’Italia oltre l’Afghanistan (AffarInternazionali).

Il nuovo Grande Gioco della Russia comincia in Kirghizistan (Limes online).

– Amici e nemici di Israele (Limes online).

Anche le maras dell’America Centrale hanno il loro processo di pace (Limes online).

– Giacimenti in movimento (Limes online).

The Austerity Pandemic (Project-Syndicate).

– India’s LBW (Project-Syndicate).

Behind the Mask: Thailand’s Latest Political Movement Takes to the Streets (The Diplomat).

– Mongolia: Proving the Naysayers Wrong (The Diplomat).

Shadow Puppets and Special Forces: Indonesia’s Fragile Democracy (The Diplomat).

– An Asian Power Web Emerges (The Diplomat).

Asian Stocks’ Wild Ride (The Diplomat)

– Google Glass: Promise and Controversy (The Diplomat).

Did Xi Call Diaoyu/Senkakus A “Core Interest ?” (The Diplomat).

– The Elusive Reagan-Gorbachev Summit Standard (The Diplomat).

Does Indonesia’s SBY Deserve the World Statesman Award ? (The Diplomat).

– Vietnamese PM Escapes Censure, Just (The Diplomat).

India Sets Up Domestic PRISM-Like Cyber Surveillance ? (The Diplomat).

– India Sends Its Last Telegram, Stop (The Diplomat).

Is Canada Serious About Asia ? (The Diplomat).

– Secret Courts: 8 nightmare scenarios now possible in Britain (openDemocracy).

Populism: a European warning shot and what to do about it (openDemocracy).

– Is Bangladesh spiralling out of control ? (openDemocracy).

The Battle for Taksim Square and the Gezi Park Commune (openDemocracy).
– Letter from Tirana: Who is a guest in Europe’s house ? (openDemocracy).
The closure of ERT: public service broadcasting and austerity politics in Greece (openDemocracy).
«The Mother of All Battles» (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– UNDOF in Pinch, Russia Lends Helping Hand (Strategic Culture Foundation).
Doubling Down on Wind: Ireland Greens Its Grid, Looks to Export (The Globalist).
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