Linee Strategiche – 15/09/2013

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– Il vecchio copione (non rispettato) del processo a Bo Xilai (Francesco Sisci, Limes online). A differenza della moglie di Mao nel 1980, l’ex leader del Partito comunista a Chongqing ha respinto le accuse ma non ha politicizzato il processo a suo carico. Riabilitarlo sarà difficile, ma per Pechino eliminare le sue idee è impossibile (…).
– China’s Developing World Edge (Richard Ghiasy, Stephan Mothe, Frances Pontemayor – The Diplomat). Since Deng Xiaoping’s administration launched its Reform and Opening Up policies in the late 1970s, China has integrated hundreds of millions of its citizens into the global economy, resulting in poverty alleviation on an unprecedented scale. This is in no small part due to sustained investment in both physical and social infrastructure. By focusing on upgrading its water, energy, transport and telecommunications systems, China has shown an intrinsic understanding of an indispensable developmental building block. (…).
– History Wars: A Long View of Asia’s Territorial Disputes (Trefor Moss, The Diplomat). The Diplomat takes a look at the long and complex background to some of the region’s most intractable disputes. (…).
– Russia Scores Points on Syria and Benefits US and World with Win-Win Proposal (Andrei Akulov, Culture Foundation). The Russia’s proposal to initiate putting the Syria’s chemical weapons under international control is a foreign policy success, and President Putin should be given his due. But it’s not points scoring for Russia only; it’s a rare occasion when someone comes up with something that benefits all (…).
– Syria’s Crisis Enters New Phase (Boris Dolgov, Strategic Culture Foundation).The Russia’s diplomatic proposal to transfer the Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons under international control and its subsequent liquidation froze for the time being the Washington’s plans to unleash a military intervention against Syria. It has also moved the situation development to a new phase… (…).
– North Korea: To Talk or To Provoke? (Duyeon Kim, The Diplomat). At the end of August the U.S. and South Korea conducted their joint military exercise Ulchi Freedom Guardian (August 19-30), a drill Pyongyang views as a rehearsal for war. North Korea was notably restrained during the entire episode. (…).
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