Linee Strategiche – 16/06/2013

Erdogan, Embattled at Home, Is Popular with Syrian Refugees (Al-Monitor).
Iranian Kurdish Struggle Linked to Turkey, Syria (Al-Monitor).
Israel Says It Can ‘Manage’ Chaos in Syria (Al-Monitor).
Israeli Foreign Ministry Pushed To Sidelines on Policymaking (Al-Monitor).
Southern Israeli Town Forgotten After Rockets Stop Falling (Al-Monitor).
Turkey–EU Relations May Be A Casualty of Gezi Park (Al-Monitor).
– The Failure to Adapt and Innovate after a Drawdown: The U.S. Army in the Interwar Years 1919-1939 (Small Wars Journal).
Israel’s «Golan Poker»: Tel Aviv and Doha vs. Damascus (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– Japan: The World’s Really Lucky Country (The Globalist).
Il corto circuito della strategia turca (AffarInternazionali).
– The Future of Syria and the Regional Arms Race (Istituto Affari Internazionali).
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