Linee Strategiche – 16/07/2014



– Getting Globalization Right (Ian Goldin, Project-Syndicate),




– On atrocities in Syria and Gaza (Diana Moukalled, Al Arabiya),

– The Israeli status quo approach is up in flames (Yossi Mekelberg, Al Arabiya),

– This conflict is about Palestine’s existence, not Israel’s (Chris Doyle, Al Arabiya),

– Iran: religious state or state-controlled religion? (Shahram Akbarzadeh, openDemocracy),



– Can the Taliban save Afghanistan? (Eric M. Tope, International Security Observer),



– Mano lunga della Cina sul mare (Michele Tedeschini, AffarInternazionali),

– China’s Defense of BRICS (Shannon Tiezzi, The Diplomat),

– China’s Rig Departure Proves Nothing (Clint Richards, The Diplomat),



– Thailand’s Crisis and the 1932 Revolution (James Buchanan, The Diplomat),



– India Should Not Participate in Anti-Western Rhetoric (Sridhar Ramaswamy, Tridivesh Singh Main, The Diplomat),



– South Korea’s Ruling Party Braces for Defeat (Yong Kwon, The Diplomat),



– The First Steps of Japan’s Nuclear Restart (Clint Richards, The Diplomat),


by Marco Emanuele with Link Campus University,


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17 luglio 2014 ore 18 – biblioteca di Link Campus University, via Nomentana 335, Roma. Presentazione libri:
In difesa dell’Europa decadente, Autori vari, a cura di Mario Pendinelli e Marco Emanuele (Eurilink edizioni)
L’Europa tradita. Lezioni dalla moneta unica, di Giuseppe di Taranto (Luiss University Press)
Intervengono: Stefano Folli, Giuseppe Di Taranto, Vincenzo ScottiModera: Mario Pendinelli – R.V.S.P. Marco Emanuele,