Linee Strategiche – 17/06/2013


Iranians Choose A Centrist As Next President (Al-Monitor).

– George Friedman and Robert D. Kaplan on the Rise of Sectarianism in the Middle East (Stratfor).
– Bridging the Civil-Military Divide (World Policy).
Auctioning the Future of Work (World Policy).
– Syria’s Collapse and How Washington Can Stop It (The Washington Institute – Foreign Affairs).
The Asian Power Web (Center for a New American Security).
– Looking Forward: U.S. National Security Beyond the Wars (Center for a New American Security).
The Sunnylands Summit: Keeping North Korea in Perspective (
Are the Boston Marathon Bombings tied to a New American Campaign into the Caucasus (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– Unrest in Turkey: Broader Outlook (Strategic Culture Foundation).
Syria, Iran and American Superciliousness (The Globalist).
– Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (Council on Foreign Relations).
Issue Guide: G8 Summit 2013 (Council on Foreign Relations).
– Iran’s Hope and Change Election ? (Council on Foreign Relations).
Prudence And Hope Prevail: Iran Election Reflects Desire For Change (Brookings).

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