Linee Strategiche – 17/07/2014


– EU Courts Support For Space Code Of Conduct (Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan, Daniel A. Porras, Eurasia review – Observer Research Foundation),

– Nuke Proliferation In East Asia Affects International Security (Valentina Gasbarri, Eurasia review – IDN),

– China and Brazil Seek to Boost Ties (Kelwin Choi, The Diplomat),

– Pakistan, Belarus Plan Military and Technical Cooperation (Ankit Panda, The Diplomat),

– BRICS Announce New Development Bank (Ankit Panda, The Diplomat),

– Abe’s Latin America Tour Focused on Trade and China (Clint Richards, The Diplomat),

– Dal calcio alla politica vincono i rigoristi (Cesare Merlini, AffarInternazionali),


– Building a Gaza ceasefire on a crumbling jigsaw (Daoud Kuttab, Al Arabiya),

– What is Hamas trying to achieve? (Azeem Ibrahim, Al Arabiya),

– How will Lebanon treat the man who fired on Israel? (Abdulrahman al-Rashed, Al Arabiya),

– Death in Gaza, ambivalence and anger in Cairo (Abdallah Schleifer, Al Arabiya),

– Egypt’s Media in the Midst of Revolution (Rasha Abdulla, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace),


– Treacherous Presidential Policies: The Costs Of Growth In Peru (Scott W. Downs, Eurasia review – COHA),


– The Elements of US Maritime Strategy (James R. Holmes, The Diplomat),


– The Effects Of Ukrainian Crisis On Europe’s Energy Security (Hasan Selim Ozertem, Eurasia review – JTW),


– How Afghanistan Pulled Back From the Brink (Marvin G. Weinbaum, The Diplomat),


– Il pomo della discordia di South Stream (Nicolò Sartori, AffarInternazionali),

– Flop delle nomine, Italia sulla difensiva (Giampiero Gramaglia, AffarInternazionali),
by Marco Emanuele with Link Campus University,


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