Linee Strategiche – 18/06/2013


Armed conflict (SIPRI).

– India’s nuclear expansion not targeted at Pakistan but at China (The Times of India – SIPRI).

Acting in the Human Domain, but Educating for the Physical Domains (Small Wars Journal).

– Viewpoint: What does Pyongyang want ? (Chatham House – BBC). 

Turkey and the neo-Ottoman approach to human rights (openDemocracy).
– Challenges and opportunities in a changing world (openDemocracy).
The durability of nations and nationalism (openDemocracy).
Fitna at the gates (openDemocracy).
Are global vaccination programmes helping the most needy ? (openDemocracy).
– Libyans say no to militias (openDemocracy).
Western Sahara: the inconvenient uprising nobody wants to talk (or hear) about (openDemocracy).
– Social movements and unrest in Mauritania since the Arab Uprisings (openDemocracy).
What Rouhani may mean for Iranians (openDemocracy).
The closure of the Greek broadcasting corporation (openDemocracy).
– (Iran) Il gradualismo del nuovo Presidente (AffarInternazionali).
Rouhani e la fata Morgana dell’Iran (AffarInternazionali).
– Tunisia and Egypt: foreign loans and domestic consensus (Aspenia online).
Il difficile rapporto tra Morsi e la società civile: il caso delle ONG (Aspenia online).
– (Tunisia) Il fondatore di Ennahda e la transizione difficile, conversazione con Rashid Ghannouci (Aspenia online).
A tipping point in Syrian conflict (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– Georgia’s North Caucasus Policy: continuity with tactical adjustments ? (Strategic Culture Foundation).
Time for a U.S. Pivot to Latin America (The Globalist).
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