Linee Strategiche – 3/07/2013


Ireland and the Austerity Debate (Project-Syndicate),–el-erian

–  Global Economics Monthly: July 2013 (Council on Foreign Relations),
– Bernanke Is Calibrating the Markets Into Fits (Council on Foreign Relations),
Consequences for Venezuela if Maduro Offers Asylum to Edward Snowden (Brookings),
– Foreign Direct Investment as a Key Driver for Trade, Growth and Prosperity: The Case for a Multilateral Agreement on Investment  (World Economic Forum),
19th PACI Task Force Meeting Summary (World Economic Forum),
– Moscow Hosts Gas Exporting Countries Conference: Intrigue, Divisions and Syria (Strategic Culture Foundation),
Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Capitulate (I) (Strategic Culture Foundation),
– What Unites Turkey’s and Iran’s Youth (The Globalist),
Privacy e sicurezza personale negli USA: uno scenario orwelliano ? (Aspenia online),
– Why we should not trust the US government on digital surveillance – yet (Aspenia online),
Il presidente Obama, il Congresso, e l’opinione pubblica come terzo attore (Aspenia online),
The Supreme Court’s contradictions: a slow conservative agenda (Aspenia online),
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