Linee Strategiche – 21/07/2014

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Marco Emanuele blogs on Strategie complesse,

Marco Emanuele’s website: Linee strategiche (a narrative of global complexity), Some news from Linee strategiche:

– International university rankings: science or quackery? (Giuseppe De Nicolao, Aspenia online),
– US higher education: still on top of the world? (Aspenia online),
– The Italian university system: understanding worrisome trends (Paolo Rossi, Aspenia online),
– Niente Europa senza ricerca e innovazione: l’imperativo per i paesi mediterranei (Daniele Palma, Aspenia online),
– Ricerca scientifica e rischio dell’investimento: perché lo Stato serve (Francesco Sylos Labini, Aspenia online),
– The Waste of War (Jeffrey D. Sachs, Project-Syndicate),
– The Transatlantic Growth Gap (Daniel Gros, Project-Syndicate),
– The BRICS bank: Multipolarity or Beijing Consensus? (Richard Javad Heydarian, Al Jazeera),
– Turkey can help Gaza by not exploiting its tragedy (Mahir Zeynalov, Al Arabiya),
– Egypt’s ceasefire proposal – will it gain traction? (H.A. Hellyer, Al Arabiya),
– Netanyahu’s goal is to end Palestinian sovereignty (Nafeez Ahmed, Al Arabiya),