Linee Strategiche – 22/07/2013

Alcune segnalazioni dal sito

– L’America Latina contro l’Nsa: da che pulpito viene la predica (Limes online),

– Dim Prospects for Egypt’s Salafis (Council on Foreign Relations),

– Human Rights and State Rights (Strategic Culture Foundation),

– Transnistria: Accidental Sparks May Flare Smouldering Conflicts (Strategic Culture Foundation),

– Enemy Within. Military Sexual Assault Inflicts Physical, Psychological, Financial Pain (Rand Corporation),

– For Stabilization Missions, Small Budgets Produce Limited Results (Rand Corporation),

– Support for Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) (Rand Corporation),
– Do we need a global cybersecurity framework ? (International Telecommunication Union),

– The response speed of the International Monetary Fund (Bruegel),

– The Wider North – opportunities and challenges (European Union Institute for Security Studies),

– Building peace in Mali: the elections and beyond (European Union Institute for Security Studies),

– Ukraine’s gas loop (European Union Institute for Security Studies),

– La Tunisia due anni dopo: sfide e opportunità (ISPI),

– Seize the Spotlight: A Case for Gulf Cooperation Council Engagement in Research on the Effects of Labor Migration (Center for Global Development),

– The Global Partnership for Development (Center for Global Development),

– First Steps toward a Quality of Climate Finance Scorecard (QUODA-CF) – Working Paper 335 (Center for Global Development),

– The Kurdish Spring in Turkey’s backyard (I) (Strategic Culture Foundation),

– The EU in Kosovo: Leaving in order to stay (Strategic Culture Foundation),

In collaborazione con Link Campus University e con London Academy of Diplomacy (University of East Anglia)

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