Linee Strategiche – 23/06/2014

*THE WORLD TODAY* Linee strategiche (a narrative of global complexity) <> by Marco Emanuele with Link Campus University <>

Relazioni Ue-Cina senza reciprocità (Edoardo Agamennone, AffarInternazionali) <> The financial perils of the eurozone (Vladimir Nesterov, Strategic Culture Foundation) <> From the pages of Orwell and «1984»: Irregular warfare against Eurasia (Wayne Madsen, Strategic Culture Foundation) <> Xisha (Paracel) Islands: Why China’s Sovereignty Is ‘Indisputable’ (Li Dexia, Eurasia review – RSIS) <> The Paracels: Forty Years On (Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, Eurasia review – RSIS) <> The India-China Tug Of War Over Bhutan (Amitava Mukherjee, Eurasia review – <> Pakistan’s Home-Grown Terrorism Threat: War Beyond 2014 (Abdul Basit, Eurasia review – RSIS) <> ISIL’s War In Iraq: Iran’s Opportunity To Score A Political Win (Diako Hosseini, Eurasia review – Iran review) <> Authoritarianism On The Rise: The War On Drug’s Erosion Of Mexican Democracy (Eurasia review – COHA) <>

Sul gas Mosca e Kiev ai ferri corti (Nicolò Sartori, AffarInternazionali) <> The Cambodian People’s Party: A Deficit of Leadership (Phoak Kung, The Diplomat) <> The Future of Afghanistan (Shannon Tiezzi, The Diplomat) <> Japan: Balancing Defense With History (Daniel Clausen, The Diplomat) <> The politics of identity and belonging in Kenya (Nanjala Nyabola, Al Jazeera) <> Iraq e dintorni. Le nuove prospettive dopo l’offensiva jihadista (Maurizio Melani, Lettera Diplomatica) <> contacts and unsubscribe: twitter @ADiurna