Linee Strategiche – 24/06/2013

LINEE STRATEGICHE (KNOW-CONNECT-DECIDE) – selezione scelta di quanto pubblicato nel sito
a cura di Marco Emanuele
Nostalgia Is Not Strategy (Atlantic Council),
– Turkey’s Problems Go Beyond Erdogan (Atlantic Council),
Let Europe Defend Itself (Atlantic Council),
– US Should Support Kosovo Joining NATO (Atlantic Council),
NATO and Russian Naval Commanders Meet in the Gulf of Aden (Atlantic Council),
– US Secretly Providing Heavy Weapons Training for Syrian Rebels (Atlantic Council),
Labor, Technology, and Innovation in Europe: Facing Global Risk through Increased Resiliency (Atlantic Council),
– J. Peter Pham Testifies before House Panel on Ethiopia (Atlantic Council),
Rouhani’s Win Distracts from Iran’s Growing Nuclear Threat (Foreign Policy Initiative),
– Why Rush to Cut U.S. Nukes Further ? (Foreign Policy Initiative),
Ich bin ein Big Talker (Foreign Policy Initiative),
– Discord Mounting in the European Union (II) (Strategic Culture Foundation),
Lebanon is Being Prepared for Sedition as a Front in the Syrian War (Strategic Culture Foundation),
– America: The Next Woolworth’s ? (The Globalist),
‘Borders First’ a Dividing Line in Immigration Debate (Pew Research Center),
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