Linee Strategiche – 24/07/2013

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– Lavori in corso per le banche europee (AffarInternazionali),


– Building the American Workforce (Council on Foreign Relations),

– Global Corruption, Global Protests: The Odds of Success Against the System (e-International Relations),

– Egypt’s Three-Card Monte: The Arab Spring and Human Revolution (e-International Relations),

– La strategia cinese in America Latina: materie prime, mercati e questione Taiwan (Aspenia online),

– Luci e ombre della presenza cinese in Africa (Aspenia online),

– Il Medio Oriente visto da Pechino (Aspenia online),

– Grecia: la porta d’Occidente vista da Oriente (Aspenia online),

– What to make of Chinese foreign investment – in the US and elsewhere (Aspenia online),

– The Detroit Syndrome (Project-Syndicate),

– The Philippines’ Search for Strategic Partners (The Diplomat),

– The United States and R2P: From Words to Action (Brookings),

– Understanding Conflict in Eastern Congo (I): The Ruzizi Plain (International Crisis Group),

– Nell’indifferenza del mondo, il Darfur è di nuovo in fiamme (Limes online),

– You Say You Want a (Data) Revolution ? (Center for Global Development),


– The Kurdish Spring in Turkey’s backyard (II) (Strategic Culture Foundation),


– Japan: Mr. Abe Wins Real Big In Upper House Election, What Next ? (Strategic Culture Foundation),


– Welcome to the EU, Politicization, At Long Last (The Globalist),


In collaborazione con Link Campus University e con London Academy of Diplomacy (University of East Anglia)

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