Linee Strategiche – 25/01/2014

Linee strategiche ( Some news: 
– Ukraine: Arab Spring Comes Along with Breath of Plagues (Vladimir Nesterov, Strategic Culture Foundation),
– The Anti-Secession Axis Threatens Scotland and other Aspirant Nations (Wayne Madsen, Strategic Culture Foundation),
– Il Canada non è amico dell’ambiente (Lorenzo Colantoni, Limes online),
– Usama al-Nujayfi: Iraq Wants U.S. Advice and Support, But Not Interference (Fred Dews, Brookings),
– Celebrating water cooperation: Red Sea to Dead Sea. Israel-Palestine Joint Water Committee’s work has been referred to as ‘water apartheid’, and ‘pretence of cooperation’ (Hilal Elver, Al Jazeera),
– South Africa’s Welfare Success Story I: A Rapid Asset Delivery Program (Haroon Bhorat, Aalia Cassim, Brookings),
– Majoritarian democracy vs republican democracy. The road to democracy is a process not an event, and will require an ongoing struggle (Richard Falk, Al Jazeera),
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