Linee Strategiche – 26/05/2013

–  Power, realism, and constructivism (European University Institute).
– Global economy report : May 2013 (European University Institute).
– Modernity and its Discontents: Early Career South Asian Studies Workshop (Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies).
– Challenges to U.S. Policy in the Middle East (Woodrow Wilson School Princeton University).
– Colloquium Iran panel (Woodrow Wilson School Princeton University).
– Israeli-Palestinian Relations (Woodrow Wilson School Princeton University).
– When America Intervenes: Is There a Strategy ? (Woodrow Wilson School Princeton University).
– The Arab Awakening (Woodrow Wilson School Princeton University).
– Asian Tensions and the Problem of History (Council on Foreign Relations).
– Preventing Pharmageddon: Treatment Access for Noncommunicable Diseases (Council on Foreign Relations).
– (Books) The Battle of Bretton Woods (Council on Foreign Relations).
– (Books) Two Nations Indivisible (Council on Foreign Relations).
– The President’s National Security Speech: A Quick and Dirty Reaction–Part 2 (Guantanamo) (Brookings).
– Il sogno della Cina sulle orme degli imperi occidentali (Limes online).
– President Barack Obama’s Counterterrorism Speech Nails it on Drone Strikes (Brookings).
– Vice President Biden’s Visit to Brazil, Colombia and Trinidad and Tobago (Brookings).
– North Korea’s Turn to Diplomacy: Resuming the Six-Party Talks ? (Brookings).
– Iran Press Report: Reactions to the Guardian Council’s Vetting (Brookings).
– World War Z: The Zionist Campaign in the Western Hemisphere (Strategic Culture Foundation).
– After Boston, or Experimental Volleys of Geopolitical Shrapnel (I) (Strategic Culture Foundation).