Linee Strategiche – 26/07/2013

– Calls For Egypt-Style Soft Coup In Thailand: Why They Will Fail – Analysis (Eurasia review),
– Difficile compito per l’Italia in Libia (AffarInternazionali),
– Gli errori di Obama in Medioriente. Parla Brzezinski (AffarInternazionali),

– China And The US: Fifth Strategic And Economic Dialogue – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– Critical Times For Algeria – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– Sustaining War On Terrorism: Singapore’s International Counterterrorism Cooperation – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– The Struggle for Sweden’s Defence Policy (International Relations and Security Network),

– NATO: Time to Refocus and Streamline (International Relations and Security Network),

– Is Burundi’s peacebuilding process under threat ? (Institute for Security Studies),

– Review – Brazilian Foreign Policy in Changing Times (e-International Relations),

– Both Perilous and Wonderful ? The Global Transformation of Authority (openDemocracy),

– How To Reduce Copyright Lawsuits And Make The Internet A Better Place To Share Content (Brookings),

– Reviving China’s Growth: A Roadmap for Reform (Brookings),

– Okinawa: the Scotland of Asia ? (The Diplomat),

– US-Vietnam Ties: Time for a Rethink ? (The Diplomat),

– As Tensions with West Rise, Moscow Looks to Asia (The Diplomat),

– Can the Two-State Solution Be Saved ? (Chatham House),

– DRC Instability: Kabila’s Gamble (Chatham House),

– Mali’s Election: Big Risks – But Delay Would Be Dangerous (Chatham House),

– The Time for a Serious Discussion on the Future of Global Cyberspace Has Come (Strategic Culture Foundation),
– Washington Stubbornly Tightropes its Way into Another Conflict (Strategic Culture Foundation),
– Ahmadinejad: Is All Quiet in Baghdad ? (Strategic Culture Foundation),

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