Linee Strategiche – 27/05/2013

 – (Report) Capitalizing on the Power of Science, Trade, and Business to End Hunger and Poverty: A New Agenda for Food Security (The Chicago Council on Global Affairs).
– Mexico rising ? (The Chicago Council on Global Affairs).
– (Report) Agriculture Innovations and Investments Critical to Meeting Future Food Demand (The Chicago Council on Global Affairs).
– The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business (The Chicago Council on Global Affairs).
– US-China 2022: Economic Relations in the Next 10 Years (The Chicago Council on Global Affairs).
– L’Asia è la nuova frontiera delle marine militari (Meridiani).
– Polonia e Russia, incognita sull’accordo per il gasdotto Yamal-2 (Meridiani).
– Il modello di occupazione della Germania (Meridiani).
Guerre delegate e contractor, la politica a luci spente dell’America (Meridiani).
– Arab World Competitiveness Report 2013 (World Economic Forum).
– (Report) Connected World Transforming Travel, Transportation and Supply Chains (World Economic Forum).
– Lessons at the zero bound – the Japanese and US (The Trilateral Commission).
– Henry Kissinger: China, the US, and a Common Challenge (The Trilateral Commission).
– Control in the era of globalization (The Trilateral Commission).
– Chiang Mai Initiative: an Asian IMF ? (Asian Century Institute).
– Asian economic surveillance, and AMRO (Asian Century Institute).
– Il calvario dell’industria in un Paese senza strategia (Sole 24 Ore).
– Singapore’s growth story holds lessons for water-scarce China (Asian Century Institute).
– Prelude to a water and economic crisis ? (Asian Century Institute).
– Remembering the Asian Financial Crisis (Asian Century Institute).
– Financial development in Asia (Asian Century Institute).
– OECD Week 2013 (Asian Century Institute).
–  India and Afghanistan: From Instability to Opportunity (Chatham House).
– The Woolwich Murder Did Not Merit the Cobra Treatment (Chatham House).
– Woolwich Attack and the Changing Nature of Terrorism (Chatham House).