Linee Strategiche – 30/07/2013

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 Abeducation: New Opportunity for US-Japan Ties ? (The Diplomat),

– Talks With The Taliban: A Post Mortem – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– International Cooperation of Authoritarian Regimes (International Relations and Security Network),

– Israel, Refugees, and Collective Identity (e-International Relations),

– Measuring the full impact of digital capital (McKinsey),

– Should the BRICS Admit Egypt After the Crisis ? (e-International Relations),

– Defining Terrorism (e-International Relations),

– Papal Politics, Paul VI, and Vatican II: The Reassertion of Papal Absolutism (e-International Relations),

– Since it Failed in Syria, America Now Targets Hezbollah (Strategic Culture Foundation),

– (Turchia) Molti problemi con tutti i vicini (Limes online),

– Kurdish Factor to Change Middle East Dynamics (Strategic Culture Foundation),

– Assessing The Bodh Gaya Terror Attack – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– India’s Defence Offset Guidelines: Time To Correct The Imbalance – Analysis (Eurasia review),

– Regionalism in Central Asia,


– Zimbabwe’s Elections: Mugabe’s Last Stand (International Crisis Group),

– The Congolese national dialogue: will a critical opportunity be missed ? (Institute for Security Studies),

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