Linee Strategiche – 4/07/2013


A General Equilibrium Model for Analyzing African Rural Subsistence Economies and an African Green Revolution (Brookings),
– The Role of Religion in Postconflict Syria (Council on Foreign Relations),
Will Israel’s Gas Hopes Come True ? (Strategic Culture Foundation),
– The Itinerary of President Maduro: from the Vatican to Moscow (Strategic Culture Foundation),
It’s Not a Conspiracy, Mr. Erdogan !  (The Globalist),
– Obama chiama l’Ue (AffarInternazionali),
Tutti vogliono un canale cinese in America Latina (Limes online),
– L’effetto Siria sul prezzo del petrolio (Limes online),
La strada in salita di Kerry in Medio Oriente (Aspenia online),
– Obama’s Modest Inroads in Africa (Council on Foreign Relations),
Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt: Dismantling the Islam State ? (Brookings),
– The Myth of Political Islam has been Exposed in Egypt (Brookings),
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