Linee Strategiche – 5/07/2013


– East Asia reacts to a bolder Japan (Aspenia online),

– Estremo Oriente: a ciascuno il suo nazionalismo (Aspenia online),

– The EU and Japan: in search of a stronger Euro-Asia leg of the global system (Aspenia online),

– Lo Sri Lanka ritira l’ultimo numero del Time (Meridiani),

– Il Parlamento europeo approva la misura per ridurre le emissioni di Co2 (Meridiani),

– Financial Crisis and War (Project-Syndicate),

– The Survivalist in the Kremlin (Project-Syndicate),

– The Snowden Effect (Project-Syndicate),

– Privatizing Development Aid (Project-Syndicate),

– Six Thoughts on Egypt’s Revolutionary Coup (Brookings),

– What Just Happened in Egypt ? (Brookings),

– Egypt’s Coup Churns up Regional Politics (II) (Strategic Culture Foundation),

– Morsi’s Fall and the «Arab Summer» Spells Doom for the Obama Doctrine (Strategic Culture Foundation),

– How Morsi and the Brotherhood Lost Egypt (Al-Monitor),

– Was Morsi’s Ouster a Coup Or a New Egyptian Revolution ? (Al-Monitor),

– Does Rouhani Hold ‘Key’ to Release Mousavi and Karroubi ? (Al-Monitor),

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