NetMIB – Network of multidisciplinary ideation and business model generation

netmib31 gennaio 2017

presso l’Università degli Studi Link Campus University

via del Casale di San Pio V, 44

dalle ore 16 alle 18

Il 31 Gennaio, l’Università degli Studi Link Campus University ospiterà il primo Workshop Italiano del Progetto “Network of multidisciplinary ideation and business model generation” (NetMIB), finanziato dal programma Europeo ERASMUS+.
Il Workshop si terrà in lingua inglese.

NetMIB Project Partners meet students and Association.
They will present hints and tips on Entrepreneurship and Virtual Incubation training program they are developing.



The project while developing entrepreneurial capacity aims at providing answers to current socio-economic problems by generating relevant business ideas on the part of university students. By internationally interconnecting the participating HEIs’ (High Education Institutions) ideation and business model generation practices in the framework of the NetMIB significant intercultural, cross industrial, and multidisciplinary benefits will arise on the parts of all participants.
The project also intends to establish a transnational entrepreneurship ecosystem that can support the development
of entrepreneurial skills of participating persons (students, faculty members, business professionals, public servants,
etc.), while creating innovative solutions that are able to solve regional, national or international socio-economic



University of Pécs (Leading Partner)

Fondazione COTEC (Event Hosting Partner)

North Carolina State University

Science and Technology Park of Jaume I University ESPAITEC

South East European Research Centre – SEERC

University of Tampere

Prof. Riccardo Viale – Fondazione COTEC – will moderate the meeting and the Q&A session that will be held after the short presentation session.



The event is free of charge. Registration needed


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