Titoli accademici congiunti con Università Euro-mediterranee

On the occasion of the 2nd meeting of Campus Link and the Mediterranean Know How (MKH) academic awards ceremony, June 27th 2012 became a day of celebrations at Campus Mare Nostrum.
After the official welcome of our visitors by the Rector of the University of Murcia, the morning was devoted to a long and fruitful meeting of representatives of Haifa University (Israel), the EuroMediterranean University (EMUNI), the Mediterranean University of Albania, Link Campus University and the University of Salerno (Italy) with staff from the Campus Mare Nostrum – University of Murcia, namely, from the Faculties of Law, Economics and Communication. The overall objective of the meeting was to explore potential collaboration actions, mainly for the development of joint and double degrees in the mentioned fields of study.
In the afternoon, a visit to the Regional Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs (FREMM), guided by the Director of the FREMM Training Section, was followed by a second visit to the “Salón del Agua” (Hall of Water Technology) where the Regional entrepreneurs specialised in water technology let us know about their projects and products.
The RESOUK 2012 and the Scientific Photograph competition MKH awards ceremony, led by Prof. Jose Antonio Franco, Rector of the Polytechnical University of Cartagena, brought this busy day to an end.