Didactic Activity

The Departments are organizational structures for the promotion of educational and research activities, as well as for the purpose of subsidiary activities.

The Departments are established by Rector's decree as uniform sectors, adopted upon decision of the Board of Directors, after having consulted the Academic Senate.

The Educational Activities provided by Link Campus University are organized into two Departments:

  • Department of Life and Health Sciences
  • Department of Human Sciences

The Department Council, chaired by the Director, is comprised of Professors and Researches belonging to the Courses of the Department:

The Department Council:

a) shall determine the general address of the department;

b) shall express a non-binding opinion to the Board of Directors on the establishment of new Courses of Study and Teaching Subjects;

c) shall organize and co-ordinate the didactic and research activity, verify the fulfillment of the teaching commitments and enforce the consequent deliberations, having taken into account the Rector's indications.