Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall deliberate, in conformity with the strategic plan, on all the provisions concerning the functionality of Link Campus and shall exercise the powers not reserved by the current rules and the Statute to the other governing bodies; and may deliberate on the exits and entrances in the context of the budget indicated in the financial plan approved by the Board od Directors.


The members of the Executive Committee are the following:

  • The President of the Board of Directors and President of the Executive Committee; Pietro Luigi Polidori;
  • The President of Global Education Management GEM S.p.A; Bruno Bellini;
  • The Rector, Carlo Alberto Giusti; or in his absence the Pro-Rector;
  • The Director General, Roberto Russo;
  • The Secretary-General of the Foundation; Stefano Bellucci;
  • Professor, with experience of Rector and Headmaster, appointed by the Board of Director on proposal of the President; Antonio Giovannoni.

The Executive Committee shall stay in charge for 3 years.