Director of the DISEC: Prof. Raffaele Galano


The aim of this Research Centre is to address:

  • The emerging issues in the economic system of our country in the context of globalization, also taking into account the dynamics of technology, institutions, individual and social values, and geopolitical factors.

The main thematic areas are the following:

  • The new financial instruments and their impact on business growth and innovation processes;
  • The valorisation of the intangible assets of a company, with particular focus on stock of knowledge and innovation capacity;
  • The strategy and growth models of SMEs, including processes of aggregation, corporate mergers, acquisitions and networking;
  • The evolution of the Innovation Ecosystem in the first place, although not exclusively, technological, in terms of protagonists, structures, processes.

The aforementioned thematic areas are further discussed through comparison with transversal themes such as:

  • Non - linearity of growth and development processes;
  • Technology as an enabler of the dynamics of economic, social, and behavioral factors;
  • Complexity and uncertainty of interactions among the multiple factors and actors in the economic and social system.

The activities of the Centre are the following:

  • Research programmes and projects, defined autonomously and preferably in collaboration with external subjects (Ministries, Public Administrations, companies, Associations, etc.), from which the centre may also receive financial support;
  • Consultancy to external subjects (according to the above typology) on application problems;
  • Specialized training, especially in the form of specialized short courses on innovative topics, mini MBA, etc.