Looking back at the Winter School 2018

A very special winter school was held in Rome at Link Campus University in January organised with the participation of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

This year programme designed by Dr. Elisabetta Trenta was entitled "Terrorism Financing Identification and Prevention Programme" with the participation of leading experts from the field of security, criminology, money laundering, cyber security, and counter-terrorism.

The participants had the opportunity to learn how terrorism works and how terrorist groups finance their operation. The international legal frameworks to counter these phenomena together with the US and Italian legislation and experience were analysed in detail to give the students an extremely valuable learning experience.

All the participants of the Winter School found the experience extremely valuable to complement their professional career. Here is what some of them told us about the course:

“I am so happy I was able to participate in this valuable learning experience [..] The calibre of the lecturers and their real-world credentials was superb, and they were all so accessible and generous with their time and knowledge!  I am delighted to now know such luminaries of the Italian security community”.

“The professors were all extremely interesting and provided a wealth of knowledge that will be very useful for all of us in our future endeavours”.

“The programme at Link Campus helped open my mind to both the techniques and critiques of counter-terrorism financing, and I am very happy to have participated”.