Joint Teaching Staff/Student Committee

A Joint Teaching-Student Committee (CPDS) is established in each department of the university.


The Joint Teachers' and Students' Committee (CPDS) is composed of a number of professors equal to the number of courses in the department and an equivalent number of students.

The representatives of the professors, including the Professor, are appointed by Rector's Decree.

The representatives of the students who are part of the Committee are appointed by Rector's Decree (published on the website of the University) prior approval of the spontaneous applications.

The Committee will stay in charge for three academic years:


The Joint Teaching Staff/Student Committee will carry out the following functions:

  • monitoring the training offer and the quality of teaching in collaboration with the University Quality Assurance Committee and the Courses of Study;
  • monitoring the services implemented by professors and researchers, as well as collecting reports from the latter for the sole purpose of preventing the services offered by LCU from falling short of the expectations of the learners (end users of the University).
  • identification of indicators to measure the quality of teaching and services, as provided for in points a) and b), in order to cooperate with the Quality Assurance Committee  and the Evaluation Board;
  • expressing a reasoned opinion on the institution, activation, modification, deactivation or suppression of study courses or teaching courses that make up the Educational Offer of the University;
  • expressing a reasoned opinion on any other matter within its competence;
  • accessing and viewing the evaluation sheets drawn up at the end of the teaching courses by the students;
  • drafting and approving an annual report on the services provided to the student, submitting it to the Academic Governing Bodies, in particular the Academic Senate, the Quality Committee and the Evaluation Board.


The Committee shall carry out its activities according to the guidelines defined by the University Quality Committee.


Representatives of the Professors

Zandri Maurizio Claudio – President

Caprì Tindara – Member

Cervellati Enrico Maria – Member

Dal Bianco Silvia - Member

Faella Gianluca – Member

Farina Giovanni - Member

Fedele Valentina – Member

Lo Gatto Sergio – Member

Pigliucci Michele – Member

Scarozza Danila – Member


Representatives of the students

Binetti Vincenzo Maria - Member

Bureca Leonardo - Member

Caltran Alessandro - Member

De Matteis Giancarlo - Member

Di Foggia Flavio Augusto - Member

Felicioni Juan Eduardo - Member

Morbitelli Domiziana - Member

Palermo Daniela - Member

Piccinelli Jacopo - Member

Rossi Valeria Vittoria – Member




Annual Report

Rector's Decree n. 944, 12 september 2022, provided for the selection of spontaneous applications for the appointment of the student representatives within the Joint Teaching Staff/Student Committee, pursuant to art. 2, par. 5, of the Academic Regulations for the Joint Teaching Staff/Student Committee.

The spontaneous applications must be submitted within the deadline of 12 october to the following email address: according to the indications provided in Rector's Decree n. 944, 12 september 2022.

By Rector's Decree n. 960, 10 October 2022, the deadline for the appointment of the student members of the Joint Teaching Staff/Student Committee was postponed to 31 October 2022.

Download PDF Download PDF, Rector's Decree n. 944, 12 September 2022

Download DOC Download DOC application form for the spontaneous candidacy (word format)

Download PDFDownload PDF Academic Regulation for the Joint Teaching Staff/Student Committee

Download PDFDownload PDF D.R. n. 960, 10 october 2022