Application Forms - Career Certificates

Pursuant to the provisions of art. 15 of Law no. 183/2011, Public Administrations and Public Service Managers may no longer request or accept from private individuals certificates produced by other public offices. In dealings with bodies of the Public Administration and the Managers of public services, the certificates are replaced by self-declarations made by the interested parties that the Public Administrations and Managers of public services are obliged to accept, under penalty of violation of the official duties. Therefore, in dealings with the aforementioned subjects, the certificates issued by the Academic Office of Link Campus University may be replaced by "self-declarations" made by those directly concerned. Certificates may be used only in relations between private individuals. In compliance with the regulations in force, Link Campus University routinely issues certificates with a revenue stamp bearing the wording provided for by law: "This certificate cannot be submitted to public administration bodies or to private managers of public services".  The certificates may be issued on unstamped paper if one of the cases of exemption from stamp duty - provided for by the regulations in force - is applicable, which must be declared by the interested party when requesting the certificate using the appropriate form that can be downloaded from the University website. The regulations do not allow for "personal use", therefore, students who wish to verify their academic career may request, instead of the academic certificate, the list of exams.