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The Career Service of Link Campus University The Career Service of Link Campus University is the integrated system of services aimed at students, PhDs, undergraduates and graduates and all those enrolled in other higher education courses (such as 1st and 2nd level academic masters and/or high university specialization) and companies, national and international, which aims to bring closer the world of academic education and the world of work, through constant support in the development of employability and educational and professional careers.

The Career Service promotes, in accordance with the current legislation, the activation of curricular and extracurricular training internships in Italy and abroad.

Specifically, the students may activate:

  • Curricular Internships
  • Extra-curricular Internships
  • Curricular and Extra-Curricular Internships abroad
  • International internships realized within the framework of specific European or supranational projects (CRUI, MAE, Erasmus+)

From August 2022 to July 2023 the Link Campus University stipulated 33 Internship Agreements and 40 collaboration agreements that also include internship activities. Currently, the University is affiliated with 306 companies, public institutions, recruiters and third sector organizations. 

Following the experience of the previous Academic Year, the tendency of the Office has been to prefer the signing of Collaboration Agreements rather than only Internship Agreements. In this context, a series of meetings were periodically held, involving the Coordinators of Courses of Study, in order to develop the strategy of disseminating, valorizing and strengthening the University's relationships with the labour marker in support of the placement action at the national and international level.

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